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Here at Destiny Jewelers we specialize in jewelry pawn.  The combination of our years of experience and a well trained staff guarantees that you will be paid the most for your items.


Gold-  All gold items pawned are appraised based on their weight and karat of the gold.  With every jewelry pawn, each individual item is tested for karat and weighed to insure that customer is given fair value for their items.  Gold jewelry pawn items can range from rings, chains, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  We strive to provide the most money possible to all of our customers.


Karat- Jewelry pawn usually falls into one of the three common identifiers of gold.  The first is 10kt gold and consist of 41.5% gold, the second is 14kt which consist of 58.5% gold, and the final is 18kt gold which consist of 75% gold.  Each of the different karat types hold a certain value and directly effect the jewelry pawn.


Weight- All jewelry pawn is weighed in the unit of measure named penny weights.  A penny weight represents the unit of measure for gold.  The comparison for grams to penny weights is, 28 grams in 1 ounce versus 20 penny weight in oz.  This unit of measure does not change how much the customer is paid.

Watches - Jewelry pawn also covers high end watches.  Types of high end watches that we pawn are Rolex, Tag Heuer, Breitling, and Movado to name a few.  Like jewelry pawns, watches are appraised by a set criteria.  The condition of the watch, the current market value, and the documentation are the key components to determining the value of the jewelry pawn.   

Diamonds - Jewelry Pawn also covers loose and diamond enhanced pieces.  The set criteria for evaluating diamond jewelry pawns is as followed.  The four c's which are, cut, clarity, carat, and color all factor into how much an individual can be paid on a jewelry pawn involving diamonds.

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